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Cannabis Indica delivers wave after wave of pain-reliving euphoria to the body without the ghastly side effects of narcotics. Many Indica strains spread their effects gradually throughout the central nervous system. That’s a one-two pain-killing punch that you just can’t beat.

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Brand X

Brand X, AKA Ostipow Indica, reeks wonderfully of earthy pine notes which remind us of her Michigan roots. Passes the test of time with her familiar euphoria that never disappoints. This is the weed you know. 

Eighth $65 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $230


Do-Si-Dos is one of the most popular strains going today for it’s ability to soothe pain with enough THC to power through high tolerances. Newbies should start slow when they Do-Si-Dose.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $240

God's Gift

Technically an Indica-dominant hybrid but spiritually all Indica. Mixing two angelic pain-relief strains (GD Purple and OG Kush), God’s Gift delivers dreamy effects, coupled with a flavor rainbow of grape, citrus, and hash.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $230

Northern Lights

Northern Lights stands among the most famous strains of all time, a pure indica cherished for her resinous buds, fast flowering, and resilience during growth.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $250

Sensi Star

Sensi Star by Paradise Seeds is a legendary Indica strain that is renowned worldwide for its powerful full-body effects and subtle cerebral invigoration.

Eighth $60 | Quarter $110 | Half $125 | Ounce $250

Ice Cream

More of an Indica dominant hybrid, this strain has a smooth creamy taste and a top shelf buzz with a nice balance of effects. Actually does smell like ice cream.

Eighth $70 | Quarter $125 | Half $160 | Ounce $300

Blue Diesel

AKA Blue City Diesel, a mix of Blueberry and Diesel Kush, is a modern dispensary staple. Medical customers love the floaty, moderate to long lasting body buzz from high THC levels.

Eighth $70 | Quarter $125 | Half $160 | Ounce $300

Gelato 33

A balanced phenotype of the popular Gelato lineup, this strain is a cross of the legendary GSC and Sunset Sherbet. Combination of uplift and relaxation makes this a go-to strain.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $270

Sunset Sherbet

Perfect for road trips and beach bums. Flavorful with dreamy effects. Moderate THC in the teens means your buzz won’t override everything – more like a cool friend who makes your day better.

Eighth $70 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $270

Swiss Indica

Packs a nice 23% THC punch. It will always have some Sativa character depending on the grow process but this is a body buzz champ.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $120| Half $140 | Ounce $270

Blue Cheese

Bred from a Blueberry male phenotype and an original UK Cheese Skunk #1 female phenotype. The sweet smell of berry mixes nicely with the pungent Skunk #1 musk. Potent THC% for sure.

Eighth $60 | Quarter $110 | Half $140 | Ounce $230

Night Nurse

The name tells you what you need to know. Pain relief and a mellow body buzz is what the Nurse is bringing you with this specialty strain. Calms the savage beast without turning your brain to jello. A lullaby in a bag.

Eighth $60 | Quarter $110 | Half $130 | Ounce $220


Cannabis Sativa will typically deliver a quick burst of euphoria more to the head than the body. The intensity wears off quickly, leaving a nice, mellow, functional buzz in its wake. People who enjoy socializing or working while using marijuana often prefer Sativas; however, those who occasionally experience anxiety after smoking should avoid the most intense Sativa strains.

The following dollar amounts are considered for donation, not sale, in compliance of Washington, DC’s Initiative #71. Click here to read the Initiative #71 Fact Sheet.

Golden Pineapple

Uplifting escape from stress, anxiety, depression. People love the heady rush. Corona price drop now in effect – this has become a”go-to” strain in these crazy times and we want you to have it.

DEAL: HF $120 / OZ $200

Hawaiian Sativa

A pure Sativa strain that swishes straight to the head. Little to no body effects reported by most consumers. The head effects might be a little intense for those prone to anxiety.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $115 | Half $135 | Ounce $230

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Everyone should try this strain, and not just for the name. It is truly one of the all-time greats, going back decades, assuming many goofy names. We call it a bucket-list sativa-dominant familiar friend that always works.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $240

Moby Dick

An Amsterdam original! Strong euphoria, strong THC levels. You’ll feel like a whale floating through space about an hour after the initial heady boat ride.

Eighth $70 | Quarter $130 | Half $160 | Ounce $300

Candy Jack SATIVA

Candy Jack is a sweet tasting treat that provides a swift boost to your mood. Can’t go wrong combining Skunk #1 and the one and only Jack Herer. Perfect daytime strain.

Eighth $60 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $250

Blue Dream

Don’t let the name fool you; yes, Blue dream delivers full body relaxation, but the subtle cerebral invigoration is the star of the show. Easy to smoke, easy to love.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $115 | Half $130 | Ounce $230


Potent and popular. Ancestry of Cinderella 99 gives her a truly singular uplift. Unmistakable grapefruit flavor. Chose this for mixing and socializing with experienced partakers.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $260

Moonshine Haze

Moonshine Haze from Rare Darkness is a difficult-to-find strain with dense nugs and a mysterious forest aroma. Delivers a very heady buzz with THC levels regularly over 20%.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $120 | Half $150 | Ounce $280


Hybrid strains are where the creative powers of talented marijuana growers shine the brightest. Every year, new crossbred strains are created with specific effects in mind. Pain sufferers, flavor enthusiasts, and adventureous souls alike benefit from the hybrid revolution taking place.

The following dollar amounts are considered for donation, not sale, in compliance of Washington, DC’s Initiative #71. Click here to read the Initiative #71 Fact Sheet.


Tasty combo of Blueberry and Amnesia Haze. A modern dispensary favorite and a true hybrid: multiple effects pass from head to toe, and then the float arrives. Potent THC levels avg 20% or more.

DEAL: HF $140 / OZ $250

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a fantastic go-to, with well balanced and predictable effects. A milk-and-honey aroma is offset by peppery notes in an earthy palette. Avg THC 26%.

Eighth $60 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $250

Nitro cookies

This top-shelf cross of Gasmask and Animal Cookies will likely alter the trajectory of your day. Delightful aroma, strong body effects.

DEAL: HF $160 / OZ $300

Cookie Dawg

A new ‘dawg’ strain appears every 5 minutes. Turns out that’s a good thing, because the euphoric effects of the parent Chemdog are top shelf every time, and everyone likes GS cookies.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $115 | Half $130 | Ounce $230

Double Tangie Banana

Sativa-dominant hybrid with great flavor. Effects begin almost immediately. A calm, lucid buzz shows up later. Avg THC 24%.

Eighth $60 | Quarter $115 | Half $140 | Ounce $250


Another great offshoot of the Chemdog line, this uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid has glistening trichromes and that classic petrol-and-pine odor reminiscent of the Diesel strains.

Eighth $60 | Quarter $110 | Half $130 | Ounce $240

Ghost Train Haze

The Ghost Train Haze is loaded with passengers who are laughing at nothing in particular. New phenotypes are producing THC levels from 18% – 26%. Herbal, fruity, fun.

Eighth $70 | Quarter $130 | Half $160 | Ounce $300

White Widow

Amsterdam’s White Widow has a downright famous balance that proves quality strains are about more than just the THC content. This strain can make doing the dishes fun at 16%.

Eighth $60 | Quarter $115 | Half $130 | Ounce $220


An early star during legalization’s first wave, Mimosa hits the spot like a boozy brunch – pain relief, mental uplift, good times. Tested at over 20% THC regularly. Eat, smoke, and be merry. 

Eighth $65 | Quarter $125 | Half $140 | Ounce $275

Gorilla Glue number 4

Winner of the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup. Avg THC well over 20%. Good CBD content. Glues you to the couch on purpose. If you’ve got chronic pain, you deserve this in your life.

Eighth $65 | Quarter $120 | Half $150 | Ounce $280

Glass Slipper

Give this a try if you’re a Sativa guy. Has just enough Indica in it to make you notice, which you will when the munchies set in. But the brain buzz is where it’s at with this mix of Cinderella 99 and Pineapple 99.

Eighth $60 | Quarter $115 | Half $130 | Ounce $220


Edibles and carts are growing rapidly in popularity for one obvious reason: No smoking? No problem! The just-as-obvious downside with edibles is a loss of some control, so plan ahead and ingest a dosage (measured in ml of THC) that is right for you. Newbies should start in single digits. Experienced users with strong tolerances max out at around 30ml per dose. Be aware that some edibles are meant for splitting up and could contain 100ml or more of THC.

The following dollar amounts are considered for donation, not sale, in compliance of Washington, DC’s Initiative #71. Click here to read the Initiative #71 Fact Sheet.

Nerd Rope - $60

ROVE CARTS - $60/3 for $180

Lions Breath CARTS - $60/3 for $180

80% THC | 4% CBD

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Choose: Mimosa, Strawberry Cough, Grandaddy Purple, Sour Patch Kids, Blue God.

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