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Everyone should try this strain, and not just for the name. It is truly one of the all-time greats, going back decades, assuming many goofy names. We call it a bucket-list sativa-dominant familiar friend that always works.


Blue Cheese

Bred from a Blueberry male phenotype and an original UK Cheese Skunk #1 female phenotype. The sweet smell of berry mixes nicely with the pungent Skunk #1 musk. Potent THC% for sure.


Blue Diesel

AKA Blue City Diesel, a mix of Blueberry and Diesel Kush, is a modern dispensary staple. Medical customers love the floaty, moderate to long lasting body buzz from high THC levels



Don’t let the name fool you; yes, Blue dream delivers full body relaxation, but the subtle cerebral invigoration is the star of the show. Easy to smoke, easy to love.



Tasty combo of Blueberry and Amnesia Haze. A modern dispensary favorite and a true hybrid: multiple effects pass from head to toe, and then the float arrives. Potent THC levels avg 20% or more.


Brand X

Brand X, AKA Ostipow Indica, reeks wonderfully of earthy pine notes which remind us of her Michigan roots. Passes the test of time with her familiar euphoria that never disappoints. This is the weed you know.



Candy Jack is a sweet tasting treat that provides a swift boost to your mood. Can’t go wrong combining Skunk #1 and the one and only Jack Herer. Perfect daytime strain.


Cookie Dawg

There are many ‘dawg’ strains based off of the wildly popular parent Chemdog; they are top shelf every time. This winning recipe is crossed with the equally renowned GS cookies.



Do-Si-Dos is one of the most popular strains going today for it’s ability to soothe pain with enough THC to power through high tolerances. Newbies should start slow when they Do-Si-Dose.



A Sativa-dominant hybrid, yet the effects are all Sativa; pleasant and euphoric with a calm, lucid body buzz. For those who want a strain that tastes delicious and has a legit uplift effect, but is not too intense. THC around 18%.



Double Tangie Banana delivery dc is available now from Budtenders of DC. Crystal resin and citrus aromas are the hallmarks of tasty Double Tangie Banana. For those who put a premium on a flower that’s a pleasure to smoke. Strong Sativa uplift but not too intense. THC around 18%.

Technically a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain from Crockett Family Farms. Obviously, the DNA is from the original Tangie, but the rest of the citrus flavors are a mystery.

Double Tangie Banana grows better indoors but outside it actually does quite well too. Give it nine weeks. It delivers above-average amounts of tasty trichomey buds.



A balanced phenotype of the popular Gelato lineup, this strain is a cross of the legendary GSC and Sunset Sherbet. Combination of uplift and relaxation makes this a go-to strain.