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Trainwreck is a buzzy Sativa with effects that hit like, well, a freight train. The roots come from Mexican and Thai Sativas which at some pint back in the day were mixed with an Afghani Indica to produce this NoCal specialty. A little citrusy, a little piney.

Trainwreck starts fast with a bounce of euphoria. Trainwreck’s high-THC content is great for powering through high tolerances. Some sites claim that this strain is good for ADD/ADHD but the Indica side of this strain makes that a, shall we say, dubious claim. What Tainwreck is good for, is receiving a blast of creative euphoria where you might have a true breakthrough of inspiration. What follows, however, is a stoned buzz that makes it hard to concentrate on much of anything except having fun.

In other words, this is great gaming weed.


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